It is important you find a breeder you are comfortable with. The breeder should be registered with a local Cat Authority in your State. Don't be afraid to ask questions, such as how long they have been breeding for, if they can provide references. Do they guarantee the health of the kitten & if so for how long? Is it ok for you to e-mail or phone them with any queries once you have the kitten at home?
Don't buy a purebred kitten from a pet shop or an unregistered cattery. You will not be supplied with the cat's papers & you don't know anything about the cat's history. Almost all unregistered breeders offer no guarantee with the kitten, many don't perform routine checks on their animals. Many breeders sell kittens microchipped, fully vaccinated & already desexed. This not only saves you time running around organising it yourself but it often saves you money because breeders are able to pass on their veterinary discounts & therefore save you money.

Most pet shops/unregistered breeders don't sell their kittens desexed & they will also require an additional vaccination, which can work out costly in the long run.

You may think you are saving money buying from an unregistered kitten but more likely than not you end up greatly out of pocket because their kittens are often sick & require expensive veterinary care.

Don't buy a kitten just because you feel sorry for it because it looks sick or unhappy. You may think you are doing the right thing by getting the kitten out of such an environment but in the long run you are not doing any favours. By lining the pockets of unregistered & or unethical breeders who don't take proper care of their animals you are just encouraging them to continue by buying their stock. Once again, you will often end up hugely out of pocket with veterinary bills etc.

If you are unsure if a breeder is registered through the cat body they claim to be, ask for proof of registration. If they won't supply this, go elsewhere.
There is a BIG difference between Registered Breeders
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